Organizational Effectiveness

ECS can assist your company in formulating people management strategies that are right for your business. To help you improve organizational performance, we can:

  • Align People practices with business strategies
  • Perform HR audits
  • Manage mergers, acquisitions and organizational restructurings
  • Develop state-of-the-art HR policies and procedures
  • Administer employee climate surveys, analyze results, develop action plans
  • Improve performance management
  • Create employee communication and inclusion vehicles
  • Implement new employee on-boarding strategies
  • Create a workforce plan


Human Capital Measurement

A knowledge economy means people are the profit lever. The key to sustaining a competitive advantage is the productivity of the workforce.¨ Without hard data on human capital activity and productivity, there is less of a chance of competing effectively. We can help your company to develop a custom human capital measurement scorecard. Developing measurement methods of workforce health allows companies to: 

  • Make more informed business decisions using human capital data and information
  • Provide executive leadership with periodic and relevant data that is an indicator of operational and financial success
  • Understand linkages between key metrics (e.g. relationship between turnover and employee commitment)
  • Guide leadership to develop countermeasures designed to reverse poor performance
  • Become predictive rather than reactive about human capital
  • Raise the “red flag” when performance begins to deteriorate


Employee Relations

Employee Relations can be all consuming. Employees have a need to talk: whether it is about their performance, their manager, benefits, or other challenges in life. A manager's schedule can easily be one employee appointment after another. We can provide guidance to resolve and prevent employee relation issues which will lead to a more productive company and an engaged team. We can also help your company establish employee relations philosophies and protocols that will contribute to creating an optimal and healthy work environment.  

We specialize in:

  • Progressive discipline
  • Sensitive performance and disciplinary actions
  • Employee investigations
  • Sexual harassment training and investigations
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Exit interviews
  • Management training programs that:
    • Address employee relations issues
    • Focuses on providing tools for coaching and counseling employees to implement your company's progressive discipline policies and procedures

Compensation Plan Design

Ensuring external competitiveness with the organization’s labor markets is an issue requiring careful comparison with appropriate survey data. We provide compensation study services in which we: 
  • Evaluate the organization's situation and needs
  • Conduct interviews
  • Review and revise job/position descriptions
  • Conduct internal evaluations
  • Rank the jobs/positions
  • Analyze competitive pay data
  • Revise/recommend a base compensation plan
  • Quantify the impact of recommended pay adjustments
  • Recommend pay administration guidelines
  • Develop incentive plans to drive business goals

We can also teach methods for compensation analysis to enable companies to conduct valid compensation studies on their own.